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2004-05-03 (C) SK. All rights reserved as usual...
dink gib no scittles on criticals

- - - - -

Still Tengwar to me

They can write it in capitals
or scrawl it across the wall
it still looks too strange and
I can`t read it a damn at all

they could colour it in pink and green
It could be red fire in a dark nightsky
i still could not reat the crappy shit
If the letters where 6 feet high

I am drunk like junk
no matter what you write on that bill
i fon`t give a duck
to me ye all write crappy Tengwar still

Its still Tengwar to me
Its still Tengwar to me
Its still Tengwar to me
can`t you see ?

Print the words out loud
and scream the funk it red
I aint no getting up for shit
aint crawl outta ma bed

dink got no wooking furries
and except my morning beer
i aint got no fookin worries
woulnt mind if you died here

eye don`t care for bossmans word
no matter how its written
dink give no scittles on it
its like pissing on a dead dead kitten

I am drunk like junk
no matthew watcha call that skill
i won`t fuck that duck
ta me ye all mumble crappy Tankwar still

Its still Tengwar to me
Its still Tengwar to me
Its still Tengwar to me
can`t you see ?

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